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You can become a part of Our Real Estate Group with as Little As $1,000. We use PayPal for your convenience and protection.

Lend Today Start Earning Tomorrow

As a Lending Partner You will earn 10% Interest and Your Money will be secured by the Real Estate We purchase. We pay 2 Years of Interest Upfront.

VIP Happy Hour Cruises

As a Member, You are always welcome to be a part of Our VIP Happy Hour Cruises with Our Guest. It's Free!!!

Driving Our Lambo

As a Member, You can Drive one of Our Exotic Cars for an Hour for Free. Our Members get 50% off the rental rate any time.

Double Your Money with Our Credit Voucher

When You become a Member, We provide You a Credit Voucher that is Double what you Lend. The Credit Voucher can be used to Stay at any of Our Locations and/ or can be used to rent one of Our Exotic Cars. After You use up the Credit Voucher, You will continue to save with Our 50% Discount We offer to all Our Members

Common Sense way to make Money

Earn 10% secured

Free Hotel Accommodations

Free VIP Yachting

Free Exotic Car Rental


South Beach

Miami Florida

Make Money While You Sleep

Our President

If You feel more comfortable speaking to Our President to learn all the details on Our Program just click on the calendar to the right and schedule Your appointment Now.

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