Our Guest will have an upgrade option to experience the good life on the water. Our Management will schedule Happy Hour Tours on the Yacht where our guest can see all that South Beach has to offer. Management will work with the Concierge at local Hotels offering this service to their Patrons to generate additional profits and to gather a data base of people vacationing in South Beach for future business. We will charge $200 per person with the revenues going to pay back the Principal and Interest to Our Lending Partners. The Lending Partners can join us on Our Happy Hour Tours Free of Charge.

Daily Exotic Car Rental

The Exotic Car Rental business in South Beach is booming. Exotic Cars rent out any where between $800 to $2,500 per day. The Management owning a Dealership that has a floor plan for Exotic Cars adds Value to the profits that will be generated by America's International Investment Group. The Exotic Daily Rentals will be an upcharge offered to our clients that will generate additional profits for all of us. We will promote the exotic car business to local Hotels paying a commission to the concierge for referring the business. The clients referred to us will register to receive opt in emails where we will be able to promote all of Our services for profit. Our Lending Partners will get 50% off anytime they would like to rent one of Our Exotic Cars.


Management will always promote Club Sobe & Sobe Beach Club offering free Drink Specials

Management have relationships at the hottest spots in South Beach

Make Money While You Sleep

This Real Estate Opportunity is not like any other Investment. It is a loan paying 10% interest that is backed by the Real Estate we buy. We pay cash for all our properties to minimize any risk. All of the profits go to paying the principal and interest on the loan. There is no profit sharing in this opportunity.

As a gift, when the term of the loan is complete, we provide membership stock in our company so you can continue to earn as long term residual income. We do not sell Membership Shares of Stock to anyone.

Double Your Money from the services We Provide - Each of Our Lending Partners are provided a Credit Voucher that is twice the amount of their Loan. Our Lending Partners will use these Credit Vouchers to stay in any one of our AIR BNB Facilities and or use them to rent one of Our Exotic Cars.

Our President

If You feel more comfortable speaking to Our President to learn all the details on Our Program just click on the calendar to the right and schedule Your appointment Now.

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