Executive Summary

Strategic Business and Marketing Plan

I. Mission Statement

Our goal, through the relationships, knowledge and experience of our staff, along with the purchasing power of money invested in this company, is to purchase and construct apartment buildings and Ocean front condominium units in world renown South Beach Miami for high return on commercial and AIR BNB Rentals.

II. Objective

The objective of this plan is to develop a network of likeminded peoples looking for above average returns with minimal risk to purchase a combination of the apartment buildings and condominium units in world renowned South Beach Miami for high return on commercial real estate and the AIR BNB daily and weekly Rentals. We will do this by illustrating why this is the best time to invest in this type of investment and the potential profit that is available.

III. Executive Summary

America’s International Investment Group is a Florida based real estate investment company that was created to capitalize on commercial real estate and the AIR BNB daily and weekly rental market in world renowned South Beach Miami. There are approximately 25 million people who choose South Beach as one of their vacation destinations each year.

The Management has set a goal of raising up to $400,000,000 in loans that will pay 10% with two years of interest paid upfront. The loans can come from a multitude of People with a minimum Loan of $1,000. We are paying the two years of interest upfront so the Lender’s money is not sitting idle through the construction process.

We will begin purchasing properties once we have reached $300,000

If We are unable to raise the $300,000 You will get a full refund and will be allowed to keep the 10% Interest that was paid in advance.

Our Motto: Lend Today & Start Earning Interest Tomorrow

You are paid 2 Years of Interest at 10% Upfront

IV. How Do You Make Money

Construction Phase

Our Lenders are prepaid 2 Years of Interest at 10% upfront

During Construction we will be generating profits from the Ocean Front Condominiums, Our VIP Yacht Ecursions, and Our Exotic Car Rental Program.

Example: Lend $15,000 Today and Tomorrow receive $3,000 in Prepaid Interest

Take a Drive in Our Lambo for Free

Open For Business

Take Advantage of Our Credit Voucher Program

Double Your Loan on Free Air BNB Accommodations. Example: Lend $15,000 and receive Air BNB Credit Voucher for $30,000.

Free VIP Yachting Excursions. As a Member You can join us on Our Happy Hour Excursions anytime for Free!!!

Double Your Loan on Free Bar Tab at Club Sobe or Sobe Beach Club. Example: Lend $15,000 and receive Bar Credit Voucher for $30,000.

10% Return - Double Your Money with Free Air BNB Accommodations - Free Happy Hour Yachting Excursions - Free Lambo Rental - Double Your Money with a Free Bar Tab - 50% off all Our Services

Exotic Car Rental Program: All the net Profits from the Exotic Car Rental Program will go to paying the Principal & Interest on Your Loan.

Our Lending Partners are ALWAYS Paid First

Commercial Rent: All the Net Profits from the rent collected from Our commercial Tennants go to paying the Principal & Interest on Your Loan

Air BNB Rent: All the net profits from the rent collected from Our Air BNB Clients go to paying the Principal & Interest on Your Loan.

Club Sobe & Sobe Beach Club: All of the Net Profits after expenses will go to paying the Principal & Interest on Your Loan.

VIP Yacht Excursions: All of the Net Profits after expenses will go to paying the Principal & Interest on Your Loan.

There is NO distribution of Profits to Management until the Lending Partners receive All their Principal & Interest.

South Florida Foreclosures

Our Real Estate Company

The Management of America's International Investment Group own and operate a full service Real estate Company in South Florida. Our core Business is providing down payment assistance to Renters. We have a network of Buyers to purchase the renovated foreclosures for profit.

Our Mortgage Company

The Management of America's International Investment Group own and operate a full service Mortgage Company in South Florida. As a Lender We can have fully approved Buyers to purchase the renovated foreclosures for profit.

Our Home Improvement Company

The Management of America's International Investment Group own and operate a full service Home Improvement Company in South Florida. We have Wholesale relationships with Vendors that handle all aspects of remodeling a home or business.

Our NonProfit

The Management of America's International Investment Group created Help Americans Inc. as an IRS approved 501C3 in 2016. Our Charity provides Down Payment Assistance to potential Buyers who complete Our Lender approved Home Buyers Program and help Veterans in need. The Charity working hand in hand with America's Realty Group and National Home Loan can provide the Down Payment Assistance for the Buyers looking to Buy Our Foreclosures.

All the Profits from the Foreclosures purchased and sold will be applied to paying back the Principal & Interest to Our Lenders.

Free Stock

America's International Investment Group was created in the State of Florida with a total of 1 Billion Membership Shares of Stock.

The Management will gift each Lending Partner 1 Membership Share of Stock in America's International Investment Group per $1,000 they Lend.

The Membership shares of stock will only be issued after the Principal & Interest on the Loans have been fully satisfied.

Management is gifting the Free Stock as a way of saying Thank You for making the Loan. The Free Stock will allow the lender to Earn Long Term Residual Income and to continue to receive all the Benifits associated with being a Member.

We do not offer Our Membership Shares of Stock forsale to the Public

V. Our Plan

Our Concept

Comercial & Air BNB - Club Sobe - Sobe Beach Club

Our Commercial & Air BNB Head Quarters

Write the contract to Buy a run down Building in a zone that allows commercial and Daily Rentals that is subject to City approval of Our development plans.

Create a set of Plans and a Virtual Rendering for City approval using clean Energy, for example Solar Panels, for a speedy approval and possible Grants.

Buy the Property for cash

Interview and get Bids from Developers: We have experience in Home Improvement Construction which gives us an advantage in this portion of the process.

Begin Construction On Our Mega Comercial - Air BNB Complex.

Open for Business: We will have a Grand Opening Party as We cut the Red Tape and pop open the Bottles of Champaigne.

Club Sobe

As part of the City Approval Process, Management will apply for the appropriate Liquor License for Club Sobe and Sobe Beach Club. Liv in Fountain Blue grossed over $45 Million in 2019 and Story was not too far behind coming in at around $25 Million. Owning Our Building free and clear with Our Own Day and Night Club will create an amazing opportunity to generate enormous profits.

We are going to offer discounts to all patrons at Club Sobe and Sobe Beach Club to take advantage of Our Yacht Excursions and Our Exotic Car rental Program

Sobe Beach Club

Living in South Beach for two decades it amazes me that there are no Beach Clubs. SLS has a small successful Party but nothing like Vegas. We are going to change this with Sobe Beach Club. Vegas Pool Parties generate over $7 Million in Revenues.

We are going to offer each person who comes to Club Sobe and Sobe Beach Club an opportunity to register as a VIP. Each person who registers will get a Free Bar Credit. The logic behind this is to build a data base of people visiting on vacation so we can continually market to them to stay in Our BNB on there next visit.


South Beach is a Who's Who type of Vacation Destination and the Exotic Car Business is Booming. Exotic Cars rent anywhere between $700 to $2,000 a day. The revenues generated by Our Air BNB Clients that rent Our Exotic Cars will be extra revenue to pay off the Principal and Interest on the Loans in a timely manner. Any Client of Sobe Exotics LLC that are not associated with America's International Investment Group will have opted in to receive email and text messages. We will utilize this data base to send invitations to stay in one of Our Air BNB units and to come to Club Sobe and Sobe Beach Club.

You have an Opportunity to become part of a Mega Real Estate Group that not only provides a 10% return on the loan You provide but also gives You all the privileges associated with being a Member.


Sobe Yachts was designed to help build a data base of potential clients for Our Air BNB Business and for Club Sobe and Sobe Beach Club. Sobe Yachts will pay a commission to Hotel Concierge to refer the guest to Our Happy Hour Yacht Excursions. When each client registers for the Excursion they will opt in to receive emails and text. This will help drive traffic to Our Business.

America's International Investment Group , Club Sobe, Sobe Beach Club, Sobe Exotics, and Sobe Yachts all work hand in hand to generate Enormous Profits Capitalizing on the Tourism Market in South Beach.

Make Money While You Sleep

VI. How is my Money Protected

The most important aspect of this Real Estate Investment Group is providing a steady return to our Lending partners keeping the risk of loss at a bare minimum. We will do this by paying cash for all our real estate purchases and making sure each property bought is in an equity position.

There is risk in everything that we do in life but our strategy minimizes this risk substantially while allowing you to earn above market returns because we have the experience, previous success and a plan that makes sense. The Management is presenting an opportunity for our Lending Partners to get a collateralized loan yielding an upfront return of 10% plus all of the principal returned before the management participates in any profits. Once the Principal has been paid back the Lending Partners will still earn profits as long term residual income through the gifted stock.

VII. Fees & Distributions

There is a 1 time management fee of 5%. We pay a commission to our Fund Raisers and have legal expenses.

Our Lending Partners are paid 10% Interest with the First 2 Years of Interest paid upfront.

Net Operating Income: After paying the Management Fee, the Fund Raisers, Attorney's Fees, and the Upfront Commissions to Our Lending Partners, We will use the Net Proceeds to begin Buying the Income Producing Properties as described throughout Our Website and this Executive Summary.

Management will Buy each Property in a equity position paying cash with no financing. We are doing this so we can provide Our Lending Partners the collateral available to protect their money. There is always risk in anything we do but we believe Owning the Properties free and clear will allow Management to over come any situation in a down trun in the market allowing time to correct itself while protecting the Lenders Money.

Repayment of the Principal & Interest on the Loans

Year 3 Moving Forward Interest at 10% will be paid Bi-Annually on the 15th of June & the 15th of December

It is Our goal to have the Principal & Interest full satisfied within the first 5 Years. We have set a Ballon payment in the Loan agreement on the 10th Anniversary. We will seek traditional Bank Financing as soon as the Rents are stable.


We believe that full disclosure during operation of our company is very important. In order to provide as much disclosure as possible on a regular basis, we have decided to provide access to all our Lenders, via password protected access, to a web site that will contain significant information. The web site will provide access to the following:

Monthly accounting prepared by the company’s accountant

All company bank statements in PDF format

All closing documents for each property acquired in PDF format

A listing of all properties owned, both residential and commercial and their status of leased/occupied or vacant.

Update any project that contains or includes any construction or development, with percentages completed and estimated times of completion

Make Money While You Sleep

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