Congratulations on being one of the first Lenders to register. We have a bonus for you! Loan Agreement: The Loan stated above that you will make once we have a total commitment of $300,000 is an Interest Only Loan at 10% interest with the first four years of interest paid in advance. You are receiving an additional 2 years of interest for being one of the first to register. All Lenders will receive 2 years of interest upfront. The two years of interest will be paid the day after the funds are received by America's International Investment Group LLC. In Year 3 moving forward, the 10% interest will be paid Bi-Annually on the 15'th of June and the 15'th on December each Calendar Year. The principal on the loan has a balloon payment due on or before the 10th anniversary. As the Borrower, America's International Investment Group will not receive any distributions of profits until this loan has been fully satisfied. In addition, all the Real Estate purchased will be purchased in cash with no liens making this loan a collateralized loan backed by the Real Estate. There will be a 1 time management fee of 5%. America's International Investment Group LLC pays a commission to the fund raisers and for Legal Expenses. As the Lender, signing this Loan Agreement, making the loan through PayPal, and receiving the two years interest upfront you agree to the terms and conditions of the Loan agreement with America’s International Investment Group LLC. Once the first two years of Your Interest has been paid the loan becomes locked in and you agree not to dispute the charge with PayPal or Your credit card. Our Company is registered in the State of Florida with a Corporate Address at 10 Fairway Drive Suite 118 in Deerfield Beach, Florida 33441. The Company's Tax ID 84-3582616.
Congratulations on being one of the first Lenders to register. We have a bonus for you!!! Your Loan that will pay 10% interest also provides you a Credit Voucher that is four times the amount You Lend America's International Investment Group. We give all Lenders double what they lend and as bonus are giving you double the rewards. This Credit Voucher can be used at anyone of Our Air BNB Properties and for an Exotic Car Rental while you are here. Once the Credit Voucher has been used you can continue to save when visiting. All of our Lending Partners receive a 50% discount for all the services we provide.
Once We have $300,000 in Lender Registrations We will send you the Loan Agreement and instructions on how to issue Your Loan through Our PayPal account. Once Your payment post we will send you your first 4 years of Interest. We are paying you 4 years of interest upfront which is an additional 2 ears as a bonus for early registration. We pay all lenders the 2 years of interest upfront so we have the time required to develop the business. We do this so you begin earning 10% the day after issuing your loan.
By signing this Lender's Registration Bonus You agree that once we reach $300,000 in registrations that you are ready willing and able to issue your Loan to America's International Ivestment Group LLC through PayPal and you agree to the terms in conditions that were outlined in the loan agreement. As a way of saying Thank You, America's International Investment Group LLC will gift you 2 Membership Share of Stock in the Company for every $1,000 you lend. We are giving an extra share per $1000 lent as a bonus. Once We have reached the first $300,000 the remaining lenders will receive 1 Membership share per $1000 lent. By Signing this agreement, You acknowledge that you are not making an Investment for this Membership Stock and that it will only be issued after the principal and interest on your Loan to America's International Investment Group LLC has been fully satisfied. America's International Investment Group LLC does not sell Membership Shares of Stock to the Public.