American Trump Supporters

Real Estate Opportunity for Everyone

Join with as little as $1,000

Earn 10% on South Beach Miami's Air BNB Market

We can contribute over $6 Million to Trump 2020

Join Our Real Estate Family

You can become a part of Our Real Estate Group with as Little As $1,000. We use PayPal for your convenience and protection. 5% of every dollar originated through Our Trump Facebook Campaign is donated to the Trump 2020 campaign. Collectively We can contribute over $6 Million

VIP Happy Hour Cruises

We up sell a VIP Package to all Our Air BNB Customers that include a VIP Happy Hour Tour of South Beach. As a Member, You are always welcome to be a part of Our VIP Happy Hour Cruises with Our Guest. It's Free!!!

Double Your Money with Our Credit Voucher

When You become a Member, We provide You a Credit Voucher that is Double what you Lend. The Credit Voucher can be used to Stay at any of Our Locations and/ or can be used to rent one of Our Exotic Cars. After You use up the Credit Voucher, You will continue to save with Our 50% Discount We offer to all Our Members

Lend Today Start Earning Tomorrow

As a Lending Partner You will earn 10% Interest and Your Money will be secured by the Real Estate We purchase. We pay 2 Years of Interest Upfront. As soon as the funds clear the Paypal account we immediately send you your two Years of Interest and 5% to Trump 2020.

Exotic Car Rental

We offer Our Air BNB Customers the Exotic car rental Program at a discounted rate. As a Member, You can Drive one of Our Exotic Cars for an Hour for Free. Our Members get 50% off the rental rate any time.

Together We can contribute over $6 Million to Trump 2020

I am looking for up to 125,000 Fellow Trump Supporters to join me as we capitalize on the Air BNB Market in South Beach Miami. Earn 10% and help Our President Win the 2020 Election. When You register make sure you let us know you heard about this through the Trump 2020 Campaign.