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Projects we are considering

1935 Park Avenue $17 Million

1935 Park Avenue is being offered for sale at $17,000,000, free and clear of existing debt. The property is located in the Collins Park District of South Beach, just one block from the Miami Beach Convention Center, Collins Park and The Bass (museum). Other nearby attractions include The Fillmore Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason Theater (two blocks) and New World Center (three blocks). Additionally, Lincoln Road (one of the top 10 retail streets in the United States) and the beach are each located just a short walk from 1935 Park Avenue. SUBJECT PROPERTY 1935 Park Avenue was originally constructed in phases in 1936 and 1950 and consists three buildings totaling 35 units. The property encompasses a 18,000 square-foot lot and is located within the Collins Park District under the RM-2 zoning code. An incoming investor has the opportunity to add significant value by converting the property to a hotel or short-term rental. Investors will need to comply in accordance with the RM-2 zoning guidelines designated by the City of Miami Beach. However, a new ordinance was passed in June 2019, which reduced the minimum square footage for new or renovated hotel rooms to 200 square feet and removed any parking requirement or impact fees for hotels. The RM-2 zoning code offers a favorable floor-area ratio (FAR) of 2.0, which would allow for a total of up to 30,000 buildable square feet, as well as a maximum building height of five stories and 50 feet.

320 EUCLID AVE $5.95 Million

ABOUT 320 EUCLID AVE , MIAMI BEACH, FL 33139 Previously operated as a hotel this Gem was converted into a condominium in 2003. Located in RPS-2 zoning, the building use may be converted to an “Apartment Hotel” allowing short term nightly rentals of all but one of the units (one unit must remain annually leased). This unique classification of use would allow for flexibility in multiple unit types from hotel, suite, and apartment use. The Building features a Deco Reminiscent lobby with small bar area, commercial office suite, ADA lift, Central AC systems in all units & several renovated units. The units are efficiently laid out one bedrooms with glass panel French doors separating the living room from sleeping quarters. Ideally located three blocks from the beach and walking distance to best restaurants and attractions that South of Fifth has to offer.

1445 PENNSYLVANIA AVE $6 Million

ABOUT 1445 PENNSYLVANIA AVE , MIAMI BEACH, FL 33139 Espanola Way just experienced an infusion of $2.7 million in beautification and infrastructure improvements. Washington Avenue has several new hotel projects in various stages of completion. A number of slick, new, highly-anticipated properties will deliver a considerable number of new hotel rooms to the immediate area, further increasing the demand for retail and restaurant space over the near-term future. South Beach has long been a major destination for al fresco shopping and dining. Areas such as Lincoln Road and Ocean Drive experienced their own revitalizations at the latter part of the 20th century. A shift in interest and redevelopment is now on north-south commercial arterials such as Alton Road and Washington Avenue. In the area just south of Espanola Way, Washington Avenue recently enhanced zoning and a newly envisioned business district is now the focus of municipal and developer interest. Numerous capital improvement projects, redevelopment and new construction are currently underway in the area.

Jefferson Street South Of Fifth $4.5 Million

Property is a 4,299sqft multi-family income producing building on a 7,000 sqft lot. It is one of the very few non-historic buildings in the South of Fifth neighborhood and it can be completely demolished. This is an extremely rare opportunity to develop in the extremely sought after South of Fifth neighborhood. The property is located in South Beach, on Jefferson Ave between 2nd and 3rd Street, two blocks of 5th Street, which connects to the Macarthur Causeway, the main artery from Miami Beach to Miami, the Port of Miami and the Miami International Airport. The traffic count of the Causeway averages 109,461 vehicles per day and provides direct access to I-95, SR836 and Downtown Miami.

Using Miami Beach Zoning Incentives for our Concept

Our Concept

We are going to Buy a Commercial Building categorized as a B or C grade in a desirable part of South Beach that is zoned for Daily Rentals. We will reconstruct a Mega Complex that will host a combination of Commercial Rents and Air BNB Units. The Building will have a massive room for Club Sobe and a Vegas Style Pool Resort for Sobe Beach Club. Washington Avenue has been zoned for revitalization. Having the cash to Buy and Build will create a tremendous opportunity.

City Of Miami Beach craking down on illegal AIRBNB

The City of Miami Beach is putting a stop to people doing AIRBNB illegally.

This will create more of a demand to the buildings we purchase that are properly zoned for the Daily Rental Market.

The City of Miami Beach prohibits short-term rentals in most residential areas, and it requires that hosts on sites like Airbnb obtain a business tax receipt number, resort tax certificate number and a vacation rental dwelling license from the state. Miami Beach Code Compliance regularly inspects rental properties to ensure operators are displaying the proper licenses. The City of Miami Beach prohibits short-term rentals, on peer-to-peer sites like Airbnb, for under six months and a day in much of the city. In the last 30 days, the city issued 10 violations under its short-term rental laws, according to a city spokeswoman. Nine properties were cited.

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